The Ultimate Guide to Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce

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Here’s a Complete Look at Everything You Get:

Module 1
Installing WordPress
How to Get Your Very Own Domain Name Registered
How to Update Your Name Servers to Point to Your Host
How to Add Your New Domain Name to Your Host
How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico (One-Button Easy Install)
How to Install WordPress Using SimpleScripts (One-Button Easy Install)

Module 2
Customizing WordPress
Top Customizable WordPress Themes To Use Set up Your Site Fast (FREE and PREMIUM)
Top Plugins to Use to Optimize Your Site from Day One
How to Use The Editor Function to Modify Your WordPress Site
How to Use Widgets to Enhance the Quality and Usability of Your Site
How to Use the Menu Function to Create a Unique Navigation for Your Visitors (Super Simple and Highly Effective)

Module 3
Configuring WordPress
How to Use Tags to Target Your Content to Potential Visitors
Discover How to Use Categories to Focus Your Visitors to Specific Content
How to Use And Configure Each Part of The Settings Tab (This is HUGE)

Module 4
Updating WordPress
How to Update WordPress When New Versions Become Available
How to Update Plugins to Their Latest Versions
How to Update Your FREE or PREMIUM Themes When New Ones Are Released
How to Safeguard Your Updates To Prevent Any Installation Problems

Module 5
Backing Up Your WordPress Site
How to Safely and Securely Back up The Contents of Your Site
What Tools to Use to Easily and Efficiently Back Up Your Site
The Reasons and Importance of Backing Up Your Site

Module 6
Using WordPress
How to Post and Publish Your Content Quickly and Easily
How to Edit Your Posts to Modify Any Part of Your Original Content
Discover the Easy Steps to Uploading Audios, Videos and Images to Your WordPress Site
How to Add and Use Cool Tricks to Modify All Media You Post to Your Site
How to Change, Configure and Set up Your Own Links Within WordPress
How to Create, Configure, and Optimize Your Pages on Your Site
How to Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site
How to Create and Modify Additional Users to Your Site
How to Use the Tools Given Within WordPress

Bonus Module
Extra WordPress Stuff
How to Get Email for Your Site Using Google Apps
Add Social Media to Send Free Traffic to Your Site AND Syndicate Your Content Over DOZENS of Sites
How to Integrate an Autoresponder to Your Site to Build An Email ListWhat Makes This Video Course Any Different than the Rest Out There?

Companion eBook you will receive in addition to the Video Tutorials
This 62-page course is concise, but comprehensive. No fluff. No filler. Just meaty steps to follow, taking you from “start to finish”.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover…

      • How to profit from your blog using Adsense, selling advertising and links, and creating your own products.
      • How to find a hot niche to build your blog around that incorporates your both your passion and desire for profits and how to determine if your niche is profitable by digging through a gold mine of six different research sources.
      • How to choose the right domain name and web hosting and how to determine which blog platform is best for your blog. 
      • The simple 5 step process to installing a WordPress blog, the 3 ways to to find a theme for your wordpress blog, and detailed instructions on how to install a WordPress theme. 
      • How to customize your blog and the 8 areas of focus you should give when customizing your blog (Note: You want to make sure you do this before you start blogging). 
      • How to find a hot selling product that you can choose to promote as an affiliate. (Hint: Not only will you need to look at what people are buying you will also have to look closely at what your competition is doing). 
      • The art of promoting an information product like a book or course by writing articles and posts that are useful, but incomplete and how to go about promoting physical products through your blog. 
      • How to find a hot selling product that you can choose to promote as an affiliate. (Hint: Not only will you need to look at what people are buying you will also have to look closely at what your competition is doing).
      • How to drum up dozens of even hundreds of article ideas in a matter of a few minutes to serve as content on your blog. 
      • 8 easy ways and places to get content ideas for your blog articles and posts and the two step process to create content that attracts Google traffic to your blog. 
      • How to write “Tips” and “How to” articles, attention-getting rants, trackbacks, “Top Ten” and “Q & A” posts to your blog. Plus How to write research, case study and motivational articles. 
      • The 4 steps to writing a product review article and comparisons post that creates sales for your blog and the 4 part anatomy of pre-selling a product. 
      • 3 quick ways to get traffic from other people’s blogs, 2 smart ideas for driving traffic to your blog through content marketing, and how to use social media sites to drive traffic to your blog. 
      • A clever method for getting product vendors to promote your blog to their market and how to approach those vendors. 
      • 3 steps on how to drive targeted traffic to your blog using niche forums and 3 steps on how to promote your blog using email marketing. 
      • The secret of creating a successful blog by following the 5 tips for keeping a consistent blogging schedule.

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